Making a New Year’s resolution to commit to a fitness routine can be a double-edged sword. If the resolution inspires you to sign up with the best health clubs with gyms in Bakersfield, Stockton, or wherever you are in California, that’s a win. However, if your resolutions fall by the wayside, you might be disappointed at the end of the year. That’s why your resolutions should be a priority in your fitness routine. Here are a few tips to ensure your resolutions stay at the forefront so you can kick your routine off right.

Create a Weekly Workout Schedule

The greatest enemy to a fitness resolution’s success is a vague intention to work out without a plan. Creating a workable workout schedule begins by identifying your goals, your favorite exercises, and what you can reasonably expect of yourself. Do you want to increase your cardio endurance? Maybe you want to make some strength gains in the weight room. Others might like to just be more active, no matter what it takes. Regardless of your answer, make sure you have a plan and schedule your workouts for the week. This will help you stay accountable and make the most out of your time at the gym.

Take Active Lunch Breaks

Sometimes the secret to being more active is finding any moment to move. One example is opting for active lunch breaks. What that looks like varies from person to person and day to day. For some, it’s an opportunity to pop into the closest health clubs or gyms in Salinas, Napa, and beyond. For others, it may just mean taking a walk instead of sitting at their desk. There’s always a chance to be more active, and your lunch break is a great time to get moving.

Use Rest Days to Recharge

Rest and recovery days are essential. Failing to schedule recovery days is a recipe for burnout—a surefire path to a dropped resolution. Plus, pushing yourself too hard without a rest day can increase your injury risk, which could throw a wrench in your plans. Recovery days don’t have to be wholly spent on the couch, however. It could mean a low-impact activity like swimming or a stroll around your neighborhood.

Try a Studio Fitness Class

Working out by yourself or with a friend is fun, but a studio fitness class takes that excitement to the next level. Whether you attend a cycling class or a heart-pounding HIIT class, you’ll have the chance to push yourself and give your routine the spark it needs. The best health clubs and gyms offer a variety of studio fitness classes for different goals and experience levels. Give one a shot, and sticking to your fitness resolutions will be easy.

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