It’s no secret that fitness can be more challenging in winter. The weather makes outdoor exercise difficult in many places, and it can be hard to find the motivation to work out when it’s so dreary outside. That means you need to find ways to make any workout more intense, so you can make the most of every minute. It helps if you’re a premium gym or health club member. The best health clubs with gyms in Palmdale, Salinas, or wherever you are will offer all of the equipment and room you need to kickstart your winter workouts. If you want to take your winter workout routine to the next level, try these six exercises.


There is a reason burpees are so popular among the most elite military organizations in the world—they are an efficient and effective full-body movement. The burpee itself is surprisingly simple—going from a standing position into a squat thrust and back. That simplicity allows for a whole lot of burpee variations. For a more intense burpee experience, add a pushup and a jump or incorporate dumbbells.

Core Conditioning Studio Fitness Class

Be sure that your winter fitness journey takes you to Concord gyms and health clubs that offer studio fitness classes. For example, Les Mills CORE™ is ideal for upping the burn, sculpting your core, and overall improving balance, strength, and coordination. Plus, these classes are friendly for all fitness levels. No matter your experience level, this studio fitness class is sure to kick your winter routine into high gear.


Pull-ups are a tried-and-true fitness classic that, like burpees, are simple, efficient, and effective. A pull-up involves hanging by your hands from a pull-up bar and using upper-body strength to pull your chin above the bar. Also, like burpees, the pull-up lends itself to variations. For a more intense pull-up experience, consider adding some weight with a dip belt or weight vest. If you are still working your way up to a bodyweight pull-up, see if your health club features assisted pull-up machines.

HIIT Studio Fitness Classes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best classes for turning the heat up this winter. Your best bet is to choose a health club that features HIIT studio fitness class from health and exercise legend Les Mills. Specifically, check out classes in the Les Mills GRIT™ series: CARDIO, STRENGTH, and SPRINT.


Laps in the indoor pool can be perfect when you’re looking for ways to mix up your workout routine. Swimming is efficient, low-impact, and friendly for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Better still, join an aquatic studio fitness class for a first-rate full-body workout.


For decades, pickleball was a niche fitness phenomenon that was largely relegated to the Pacific Northwest. Today, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association has named it the U.S.’s fastest-growing sport for the past two years running. That’s no surprise, considering the absurdly addictive level of fun the game provides. If you’re looking for a way to make that winter burn ridiculously fun, check out the pickleball courts of your local health club.

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